Healthy Focus Psychological Center, Inc. is a comprehensive private practice providing therapeutic services to children, adolescents, and adults.  Our office is located in Studio City, and we offer online therapy, school-based, and in-home therapy.  We understand that taking care of yourself and your family is essential to leading a meaningful life filled with joy, love, and health. Our professionals collaborate with individuals and families to help them discover new and creative ways to be truly happy, reach their full potential, and live the life they envision. In a warm & supportive environment, we help clients tell their story, to heal and explore ways to build upon their strengths, enhance their coping skills, and connect with others. Whether you strive to cope better, develop an inner calmness, reenergize your life, or create peace and happiness within your family, our therapists can help.  


Warmest regards,


Karrie Lager, Psy.D.

Founder of Healthy Focus Psychological Center, Inc.



Karrie Lager, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist
License: PSY20588
Founder of Healthy Focus

Karrie Lager, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist with 20 years experience providing therapy to children and adults.  Her specialities include parenting, postpartum mothers, ADHD, gifted and creative individuals, anxiety, depression, and stress management.  Additionally, Dr. Lager is a training partner with UC Davis CAARE Center and provides Parent Child Interaction Therapy and PC-CARE training to therapists throughout Los Angeles County.